Terms & Conditions


This Distance Sales Contract sets out the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the goods electronically ordered by the BUYER from the SELLER’s website (https://lovecanbag.com/) as per the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and Distance Selling Regulations.
BUYER agrees to be informed about the following matters by reviewing the information at https://lovecanbag.com/ both prior to the establishment of this Contract, prior to placement of order and undertaking the payment liability.

This Agreement is signed between the following parties under the terms and conditions stated below:
INFORMATION ABOUT THE SELLER (here after referred to as “SELLER”)
E-mail for submitting the withdrawal notice:
Address for returning products:

INFORMATION ABOUT THE BUYER (here after referred to as “BUYER”)

3.1. BUYER agrees and represents that s/he has read and made himself/herself familiar with the main qualities, sales price including any taxes, payment method and delivery about the product and that s/he has given the required confirmation in writing. BUYER agrees and represents that s/he has obtained all information which must be provided by the SELLER as per the Distance Selling Regulations prior to his/her agreement to this Contract.
3.2. The qualities and quantity of the product purchased by the BUYER are the same with the information on the website at https://lovecanbag.com/ and on the invoice. Once the product is sold, the order summary and the provisions of the selling contract are sent to BUYER’s e-mail address. In case of any additional expenses for transportation and delivery, the details shall also be sent to BUYER via e-mail.
3.3. In case of any errors relating to the product price due to system errors of the website at https://lovecanbag.com/, the BUYER shall be immediately informed. At BUYER’s option, either the transaction will be cancelled or the selling transaction will be proceeded using the actual price of the product.

4.1 Payments via credit card may be made in single installment as well as multiple installments depending on the contract made between with the bank and the BUYER. Installment and possible later interests shall be at the discretion of the relevant bank. BUYER, based on the fact that the term sales may be conducted only through credit cards issued by the banks, agrees, declares and undertakes that it shall confirm the information related to the interest rates and delay interests with the bank separately, that the provision on the interest payments and delay interests shall apply pursuant to the credit card contract between the Bank and the BUYER. The payment dates for the credit card shall also be determined between the bank and the BUYER as per their agreement. The BUYER is entitled to follow the number of installments and payments thereof on the account summary to be sent by the bank.
4.2. In order to make the payment of the product, The BUYER needs to enter the credit card details fully on the payment screen. In the event of price is not paid or payment is cancelled by the bank, the SELLER may terminate the selling contract unilaterally and the SELLER shall no longer be under obligation to deliver the product.

5.1. The SELLER may provide the BUYER with an estimated delivery deadline for the product purchased. Delivery lead time shall not exceed 30 (thirty) days. If, for any reason, the order may not be delivered within the period promised by the SELLER, such delay shall be notified to the BUYER.
5.2. The Products subject to the Contract shall be delivered to the BUYER or the person designated by the BUYER within the period as prescribed in the preliminary information at the Website depending on the distance between the BUYER and the SELLER. Delivery period shall not exceed 30 days.
5.3 Any damages and expenses which may result from acceptance of the product by a person at the delivery address other than the BUYER shall not be the responsibility of the SELLER. In case of delivery to the designated person at the delivery address, this delivery shall be considered to be a delivery to the BUYER. SELLER shall be considered to have fulfilled its obligations.
5.4. BUYER shall be responsible for promptly checking the product at the time of delivery and notify any defects to SELLER via phone or email in the contact details.

6.1. The BUYER hereby declares that he/she has learned the information on the basic properties, sales price of the Product(s), payment type and the other preliminary information including delivery information from the website and that he/she has agreed and confirmed such information via the electronic environment.
6.2 The Product shall be delivered to the BUYER or the person designated by the BUYER depending on the distance between the BUYER and the SELLER, only that delivery period shall not exceed 30 days.
6.3. The cargo fee shall be paid by the SELLER. Both customs duty and fees reasoned from the shipment of the product and/or product being delayed/stuck in custom shall both be borne by the BUYER.
6.4. The SELLER is liable for delivery of the Product(s) fully, completely and robustly, having the properties stipulated in the order and together with warranty certificate, product manuals (if applicable) and the invoice.
6.5. BUYER shall be responsible for promptly checking the product at the time of delivery, refuse the product in case of any problems related with the product or cargo and issuing a report with the cargo company’s officer. In case of no determination and notification regarding the product status, then the product received shall be considered to be free from damages.
6.6. If it will become impossible to conduct the delivery of the product(s) subject to the Contract, the SELLER will inform such situation to the BUYER within the period of performance stipulated in the Contract and return the collected amount from the BUYER to him/her. The amount will be returned regarding how the payment was made, -in a single installment or in multiple installments- not exceeding 10 days for the first installment.
6.7. It is required to confirm the preliminary information form via the electronic environment for the delivery of the Products. The SELLER shall be released of its obligations hereunder in the event of non-payment of the price of the Products or any payment will be cancelled from the bank records for any reason whatsoever.
6.8. If the Relevant bank or financial institution convinces the SELLER to pay the product price due to unfair or illegal use of credit cards, the BUYER shall be notified to the SELLER within 3 (three) days from the date of delivery. The The SELLER will be liable for the transportation fee arising From the Refund.
6.9. The Seller will inform any failure of delivery as soon as possible due to any force majeure conditions including extremely adverse weather.
6.10. In cases where it becomes impossible for the SELLER to deliver the ordered products, the SELLER shall, within 3 (three) days following the date when the seller becomes aware of this, be under obligation to notify the consumer in writing or via permanent data storage tools and must return all payments collected including any delivery expenses, if any, within maximum 14 (fourteen) days following the date of notification. If the product is not available in the stock, this shall not be considered the impossibility of providing the product.

7.1 The BUYER may return any product (other than the specific products prepared and produced for special days such as Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s / Father’s Day) which she/he ordered from https://mehrymu.com/, within 14 days –starting on the delivery date to the Buyer or the person designated by the BUYER- without any justification and without being subject to any penalty compensation. The product which will be returned should not be used even for a short period of time, should not be damaged or be in a condition which will prevent reselling.
7.2 In order to return a product, the BUYER is required to send SELLER a registered mail with return receipt or e-mail within 14 days after delivery date.
7.3 Unless the Seller makes an offer to receive its product back, the BUYER shall, within 10 (ten) days following the date when the BUYER submits its notice of withdrawal, be under obligation to return the product to the SELLER together with the original invoice and the completed return form at the back of the invoice. In this case the delivery expenses of the product shall be borne by the SELLER.
7.4 In case of withdrawal, the product price of the returned product shall be refunded using the original payment method of the BUYER within 14 (fourteen) days following the receipt of the product. For refunding via credit cards, the period of refund may vary due to the bank.
7.5 In the case of withdrawal, if the returned product does not satisfy the conditions of return policy, the product shall be delivered back to the same address without making any extra payment.

8.1 The product should be packaged without any damage to its original package and must be returned to the return address provided by LOVECAN BAG The return of products without any name and notification shall not be accepted.
8.2 If the product to be returned is invoiced by a company, you will be required to issue a return invoice and send together with the return package. For company returns, if there is no return invoice, such returns shall not be accepted.
8.3 The product returns not packed in its original package or with damaged package, any sticker from cargo company on it, any packaging tape on it or with original packages damaged shall not be accepted. If products returned are received with defects, the products shall be returned back to the sender and all additional delivery expenses shall be borne by the customer.
8.4 If the product had any accessories during its initial delivery to the buyer, such accessories must be packaged in their original packages and returned without any damages thereto.
8.5 If the product is not fit for returning as it has lost its intended use and/or if the product to be returned is not for reselling, such products may not be returned either.
8.6 After receiving your Product from https://lovecanbag.com/, please ensure that it complies with the above terms, conditions and refund policies. If a refund is accepted, the price of the returned product will be refunded using the original payment method of the buyer. If the Returned product does not meet the requirements of the return policy, the product will be returned to the same address without any additional payment.
8.7 If the product return is completed and processes, you will be notified by e-mail. The product price shall be refunded using the original payment method. If the payment is made via bank wire transfer, the product price shall be refunded to account IBAN which you specified on the return form. If the payment is made via credit card, the refund shall be transferred to the credit card. The period in which such refund will appear in your bank statement may vary depending on the bank. If the refund takes longer than you expect, please make sure you contact with your bank.
8.8 Without Any reason, you can change the ordering product from https://lovecanbag.com/ by submitting a return notice and within 14 days of the delivery date. The product that is to be replaced by a Refund should not be used and/or in a state that will prevent resale or damage.
8.9 to ensure replacement of the Product, please send an email to info@lovecanbag.com and inform us about the product you want to change.
8.10 Please Specify your change request explicitly in the return form, and also make sure you have correctly specified the product properties you want to change.
8.11 Once your request has been received by us together with the product you wish to replace, the product shall be checked and, if approved, be replaced with the product you want without additional charges if it is available in the stock. In case of price difference between the returned product and the product to be replaced, such price difference shall be borne by the consumer. If the product is not available in stocks, the refunding shall be ensured using the same payment method described in the return policy.
8.12. Shipping fee will not be refunded if Overseas product is sent.
8.13. Lovecan Bag reports the repayments to the bank within 5 work days if the products returned by the customers comply with the return conditions. While the average period of reflection on credit cards is 7 work days, this process can be extended until the next time on bank cards.
8.14.Return address information will be given by the SELLER to the BUYER after BUYER’s notification via e-mail.

In respect of the disputes which may arise in connection with this Distance Selling Contract Turkish courts and Turkish law are authorized.