1. How do I repair an item?
You can email to info@lovecanbag.com for products purchased from the store or www.lovecanbag.com. You can contact the authorised dealer at the point of sale for products received from other sales points.

2. How do I exchange an item with lovecanbag.com?
You can send an email to info@lovecanbag.com for changes and refund transactions.

3. Do I pay shipping fee when I place an order?
The shipping charge is paid by Love Can Bag for domestic purchases. International shipping is paid by the customer with a fixed price.

4. Can I get my order from store?
After you send an e-mail to info@lovecanbag.com and it has been approved, you can get your order from Love Can Bag showroom.

5. Can I shop with cash on delivery?
We do not accept the cash on delivery method.